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Project designing is the most important aspect of any work you do. Be it a small backyard task or a multi-million dollar task, a project plan accompanied by a good design helps in the success of the project. At PVC WEST we ensure that this stage is received well and correct. We design the project details as per the needs of our client. We do ensure that we guide you wherever we can during this phase.

Drop in to our office or email us with your enquiry and our response is quick to serve you.

Coordination Process

Coordination process is generally performed before a project is finalised or when there are other trades involved in the Project. This is usually performed so that the client knows what they have ordered, what they are going to receive and the delivery details, among others, to ensure that correct information is laid out before the invoice is paid or the project is finalised. Other instances can also include, for instance, if we are performing a fencing task and there is plumbing work required to be done (since the pipes are on our fencing way), we work along the plumbers to advise them of the location the fence is going to be installed and at what distance the pipes are to be rerouted. Coordination process is an important stage since this process helps you identify if you have left out any details or overlooked any component of the project.

What other details should I know?

Question to this answer depends on the kind of project you are performing with us. Is it for PVC FENCE, PVC GATE (MANUAL OR AUTOMATIC) or is it for PVC WOOD LOOK CEILING / WALL CLADDING? If you require catalogue, you can find this on our product page here in our website or you can visit our office to know more about the product. We do have the items on display and you can see the product before placing the order. Only order if the product is what you are after and if the product is up to your satisfaction. We are not required by law to provide refunds for change of mind.

Do you do engineering drawings?

Yes absolutely. We can draft the plans for you and also submit this to the council. If a DA is required, we can also assist you with this process. In most cases for permeable fencing and cladding, you will not require a council permit as its within the acceptable standards of Australian Building Standards.

What sort of cost am I looking at?

Every project is different. If you are purchasing the product only, then the price of the products are readily available on our shop page. If you are after supply and install, please do send us an email at info@pvcwest.com.au or drop by at our office in Malaga. We provide quick turnaround on quotes.

Are your products guaranteed?

Certainly yes. We only sell PVC products that withstand the tough Australian weather conditions. For instance, our PVC Fence and PVC wall cladding are so versatile that they don’t heat up or crack during summer. The PVC wood look ceiling looks great and lasts a very long time even if exposed to rain and sun. You get a product warranty of 15 years on all our products.

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If you have any questions or enquiries, please feel free to contact us at info@pvcwest.com.au