How to take care of your PVC fence?

You will be happy to learn that taking care of your PVC fence and gates requires relatively less labour. You can use a cream cleaner or gumption readily available from your local IGA, woolies or Coles. All you need is a clean cloth and your hands..

Apply a good amount of cream cleaner on a clean cloth and rub the cloth against your fence. Clean the affected area in a circular motion until the desired result is achieved. It doesn’t take long to revive PVC and in a matter of minutes, you will have restored your PVC fence or your gates.

To maintain your gates, please ensure to not hang or play with gates in a manner that it’s not supposed to be done. Children or kids hanging (or even adults hanging) on the gate will damage the gate. The hinges and latch supplied with the gates are heavy duty and is resistant to Australian weather conditions. We do suggest that you put in extra effort by ensuring the hinges and latches are free from dirt, grim, or dust. Please ensure to lubricate them from time to time.

All in all, it’s your PVC fence and PVC gate. Part of your dream home, part of your achievement. Be proud that you have contributed to this sustainable building product and helping PVC West pioneer PVC building products in WA.

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