How to choose PVC cladding? Hampton style cladding in WA by PVC West.

Here at PVC West we supply high quality PVC shiplap cladding. They are maintenance free and lasts you a very long time. Insulated and reduction in noise, this hampton style ship lap cladding is a great choice for homes near ocean, beach side, around pool, and in most residential homes. 

Supplying you the wall cladding in 8 different colors, this everlasting wall cladding is versatile, does not require painting and has very low maintenance. Find below the components that is required with this cladding. You can also customise flashing to suit your color choice and style. 


Description:PVC wall cladding (insulated and sound proof)
Raw materials:PVC resin & calcium powder
PVC content:80%-85% PVC ,can accept different from 60% to 97%
Size:Effective width: 240 mm, Board width 270 mm,Thickness: 1.1mm, Depth:15mm. Length of the board 5800mm
length opxions:5800 mm
Color & Design Wood grain surfaces, 14 colors (8 colors available in WA)
Production Lead time:7 days for available designs. Custom colors take longer production time (at least 24 days)
WHO can use:Outdoor and indoor use. Office Building, Hospital,School,Mall,Sports Venues,Leisure Facilities, Supermarket, Warehouse, Workshop, Park, Farmhouse, Courtyard, Basement, Garage & Shed, commercial buildings etc. for outdoor wall & ceiling decoration. 
Features:1 Environmentally friendly and stable longevity
2 High intensity, resist erosion, anti aging
3 Fireproof, Waterproof, Moisture- Proof,Mould-Proof
4 Easy installation and maintenance and cleaning

Accessories includes:

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